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Building & party wall surveying

Inspection of buildings and provision of property reports is a core part of our business. Our surveying services include:

Measured surveys

Our team is experienced at providing full measured survey of the property drawing up an existing set of plans that inform the design process. 

Condition Survey

Buildings need to be cared for to ensure their functional and monetary value is maintained. Our surveyors provide clients with clear advice to help protect the asset value of their properties. We prepare detailed specifications of work for cyclical internal and external repairs contracts. These are structured to enable apportionment of costs as part of the S20 Service Charge arrangements.

Site Inspection

We provide a comprehensive range of on-site monitoring services using experience construction personnel. Our inspections help ensure projects of all types are closely overseen to ensure high standards of workmanship and adherence to the specification. We tailor our services to suit the requirements of the project and this can either include a full time or part time visiting arrangement.

Party Wall Surveying

The Party Wall, etc. Act lays down the procedural requirements arising where owners of buildings wish to undertake construction works that may affect the land or buildings of an adjoining owner. GBP Architects have experience of acting as Surveyor both for the building owner undertaking work and for the adjoining owner. We can also act as an “Agreed Surveyor” to amicably settle matters between the parties. We will prepare a Party Wall Award that sets out the details of the Building Owner’s proposals and records the conditions under which the Building Owner must execute those works. The documentation includes drawings and other working details, together with method statements and schedules of condition.

Have Any Questions?

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