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We’re proud of our heritage

Since the first introduction of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations in the earl 1990s, and most recently in 2015, there has been a requirement by law to appoint a CDM Consultant / Principal Designer to notify the HSE on non-domestic construction projects that are planned to last longer than 30 days or 500 person days of work.

Design with safety in mind

A CDM Consultant, or Principal Designer, is a qualified Health and Safety professional whose role is to advise the client on health and safety issues during the design and planning phases of construction work. Providing CDM services also requires knowledge and experience of planning, management, construction, and communications.

We’ve got your back

Our professional CDM Consultants have an understanding of the design and management roles, advise on the competence of the duty holders, prepare the project Health and Safety paperwork and will make the required notification to the HSE.

Safe. Efficient. Stress-free

The purpose of the CDM Regulations is to focus the attention of the whole team on the health and safety aspects of the project, to improve the planning and management of projects, to facilitate the early identification of hazards, and to place responsibilities and efforts where they can most benefit health and safety. The overall aim of the CDM Consultant / Principal Designer role is to integrate health and safety throughout the management structure and to encourage everyone involved in the project to work together to achieve these aims.

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