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Connaught Road, Teddington

The ultimate urban space

GBP Architects are developing two beautiful new homes with strong geometric design and inward-looking private courtyards to replace rows of residential garages in tight urban conditions. Dividing the site diagonally and creating two single storey courtyard houses which wrap around their respective gardens allowed our designers to orientate the houses appropriately and protect the clients’ privacy without compromising on space.

Quality design, reduced impact

Variation in roof forms – a mix of mono-pitch and flat roof – gives further dynamism to the design, whilst a band of glazed white brick has been used to reduce the impact of the houses on their surroundings and help them blend into the sky.

Designing a home for the modern family

A new single storey two bedroom house and a single storey three bedroom house with basement reflect the requirements of modern. The basement provides additional bedrooms, and the ‘clever’ light-wells were created to maximise daylight into these rooms, emphasising the strong geometry of the project.